Tuesday, April 04, 2006


During creation, Man was made and give authority by the creator-God.

And a companion was given to Man, but Man was still the one having the ultimate authority . A responsibilty to Man direct from God.

It is this responsbility that is crucial and makes our story today.

In this world many a time shouldering responsibilty is not easy and one may ask how do I handle my responsibilities?

This is a question each one should ask and try to get hold the very things important in making the work given a success.

We will try to look in the Bible and see if man can real benefit from the wisdom provided and apply it in many different walks of life.


Saturday, January 07, 2006


A Heart full of Thanks

We start this year with thanks giving and blessing our God through Jesus Christ our saviour.

The one who forgives our sins and gives us hope and courage to go on. May you find more of His Love this year. May His blessings be real and many on your life.

Here in Kilifi Town it's cool and the sky is cloudy and sunny. Many are yet getting to work after this christmas season.

And most churches are ready for revival. This is the time when alot of crusade will be stage and the claims of Jesus aired live.

Lets pray that the LORD will honour His word and people will accept the gospel and find true peace.

Zablon Munga

Wednesday, December 21, 2005



Merry christimas and happy new year....

On behalf of the entire team I wish all beloved a HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND JOYOUS NEW YEAR...

May the good Lord be with you and LET there be more revelation and touch of God on lives of many.

May we make 2006 the year for our Lord-working and labouring for Him.

Z Munga

Monday, December 19, 2005

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Sunday, December 18, 2005


Let there be Revival-Revival must come!

Revival is now here
Let all the Earth sing and shout
For the salvation of the Lord is everlasting
Let us sing for these are times of refreshment!

Revivals, revival, shout re-vi-vaaal
Make song of revival and shout
Dance with the Spirit of the Lord
It is revival times-blessed is this generation!

I am privileged to live in these times
I am blessed to see the move of God
O Lord may your glory be on me
May you stir up and revive my heart-put your zeal in me!

Re-vi-vaaal, shout re-vi-vaaal, O re-vi-val
We are the labourers-Evangel Labourers
For these times of revival-Jesus says GO!
We GO; believing for the master has said GO-

Go make disciples of all nations,
Baptizing them in the name of the father
And the Son and the Holy Spirit
Teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you
And lo! I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Amen.

Arise and Shoot your arrow with persistence...

What do you see?
Look out there …look through the window
The window of your eyes-what do you see
Your Arrow of Deliverance has already gone
Make sure you strike the ground six times
To make it complete-for the grace of God is upon you!

Arise and shine
For your time has come
And the glory of the Lord is upon you
Go, for all has been give unto you….
Arise and shine …

It is the power of God
The glory is the splendor of God
The riches of God
The mercies of God
The favour of God

Oh did not the bible say….
The world waits for the manifestation of the sons of God

See Africa is groaning
America is groaning
Europe is groaning
Asia is groaning
The world is waiting for you –arise and go
Go in the strength in you!

All authority in heaven and Earth has been give to Jesus
With positive mind we go, arising for victory
Revival, revival, let us follow revival
With Persistence, We are the vessels of the Lord
O mighty men of valor, stir up your gifts

Arise and shine-for the glory of the Lord has risen upon you!

Word Explosion...2005

O Man of God…
Explore the w-o-r-d!
Join the rest at J.C.C Bamburi
Where men and women of God gather
From all over the world for impartation…

To go to the Nations and be Labourers
As the word of the LORD has already been exploded
Revival in our hearts-the fire, the zeal of the Lord
Explore and explode for Jesus!
It revival times-the Eagles, The Labourers, the Arrows,
Restoration, Prayers, Repentance, AND Soul harvesting!

“Kick out the religion devil” says Ps.Lai
Host of word Explosion, “I hate it”.
“Get connected to the source”…
It’s word explosion 2005!
Ignite and Explode-get revived!

“God is looking for suicide bombers”-do you have the courage!

Happy Christmas-joyful New Year of labouring for the Kingdom!

Poems by:

Zablon Kenga Munga
The Go-Team Writers

You can have look at some of my poems and Articles at this link below.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Our services

The Go-Team Writers- Writers and Poets, offering professional services at affordable prices.

-Writing Articles/Classic Poems/Christian devotionals
-Editing & Translating-from English to Kiswahili
-Artistic work & all types of printing.

For more details contact:

Zablon Munga

P.O. Box 239,
Cell: +(254)-721-551383

Have a look at sample poems and Articles at:

Hope you will be blessed and drop a line of comment for us.


Zablon Munga

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Go-Team Writers


The Go-Team Writers is a group of writers and Poets who write what the Lord has put in their hearts. We use the Bible as a compass in looking at issues affecting human kind.

The Lord spoke with Habakkuk and told him to write the vision and WAIT FOR IT, though it may tarry, it will surely come. It will manifest itself.

Also in the book of revelation John was told to write-for the words are true and faithful.

We write believing the words are true and HE who is whispering to us is faithful. He is the word.

And we believe in the promises, dreams and visions as the Lord has always desired to reveal Himself to us .

May you be encouraged through our writing and that the Lord may direct you to a practical relationship with Him as you read His word-The Bible.

There is power in written words...

Zablon Kenga Munga